7 Loves Lately

by Healthy Diva on September 17, 2014


I am in love with these 7 things lately, in case you wanted to know. Maybe someone needs a good brow kit, maybe a good powder, or a yummy eat. You never know.   1. Anastasia Brow Genius Kit, it is really geniusssssssss. LOVE! I suck at doing my eyebrows, this kit rocks and it’s […]


Sunshine, SUP, and Pink Pool Win!

by Healthy Diva on September 17, 2014


Another gorgeous day in Cape Hatteras yesterday! Well, it was actually a little too hot, but we were not complaining since it is cold back home. Today is a not so pretty day with rain, so it was good we took advantage of the great weather yesterday. I am still trying to talk my husband […]


Two Words Tuesday

by Healthy Diva on September 16, 2014


We are enjoying our vacation to the fullest. The weather is perfect, the relaxation is wonderful, and the free time is awesome. We went to my favorite little local coffee place this morning to get iced coffee, love uglie mugs. Spent the day at the beach, since the weather was perfect! Rocco had his first […]


MIMM #115 Glow News, Unicorns, and Destination Beach!

by Healthy Diva on September 15, 2014

Happy Monday, friends! I am having an EXTRA marvelous Monday, since I am at the beach on a sweet week vacation away with my love ( little love, too! ) . Going to share some marvelous highlights from our weekend, I swear I don’t even know what day it is. I am on vacation mode, […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on September 12, 2014


1. TOMORROW we leave for the beach! I am excited as hell and also have not even started to pack. Yikes! I am not really worried about my packing, but I have to make sure Rocco has everything he needs and I am hoping he does well on the long drive.  We are going to […]


Diva Approved –> Smelling Like a Pumpkin

by Healthy Diva on September 11, 2014


DIVA APPROVED this week is all about fall-la-la -la scents! My absolute FAVORITE time of year is here! My absolute FAVORITE scents at Bath and Body Works are here! Yup, it time to smell like a pumpkin all up in here! I always go overboard on the fall scents at B&BW, the best ones all […]


Pumpkin Protein Pancake Power!

by Healthy Diva on September 11, 2014


Before I say anything, please take a moment of silence today to remember those who lost their loves on 9-11-2001. Send love and prayers to those who lost loved ones that day. <3 ******* I was a little overly excited when I finally spotted the Kodiak Cakes protein pancake mix. I love the original Kodiak […]


Bring on Pumpkin and Fall!

by Healthy Diva on September 10, 2014


  Happy Wednesday! Half way through this glorious week and 4 more days until vacation time for me! Weeeeee! By the way, I seriously need a vacation more than ever, especially after last night. After dropping 500 dollars at Mens Warehouse on homecoming and wedding attire for Anthony, mama needs some wine and vacation. Renting […]


Glow Retreat Recap Part One

by Healthy Diva on September 9, 2014


Heyyyyyyyyyyy! So, better late than never! Glow Retreat Recap One! I am going to be doing 3 recaps total to share the epic weekend that went down. Glow Retreat was AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, and GLOWING! I am already excited for next year and kind of want next year to be here. Pleaseeeee! Instead of making this […]


I Did Have a Weekend of Course!

by Healthy Diva on September 9, 2014


Since my #MIMM post didn’t share anything about my past weekend, I am gonna just share that now. I did have a weekend of course! Just didn’t get to tell ya about it. My weekend involved a Friday night vino and vinyasa class at the studio I teach at. One of the beautiful glow attendees […]


#MIMM 114 “This is Wholesome”

by Healthy Diva on September 8, 2014


“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Honey Maid through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Honey Maid, all opinions are my own.”   I never knew if I would have an only child, or if one day Anthony would be a big brother. Being a single […]


Take the Fiber Choice Challenge!

by Healthy Diva on September 6, 2014


As you guys know, I finished my 30 day Fiber Choice challenge last month. In case you missed my post with my results and how I felt, you can see it here. I know some of you were interested in adding more fiber in your diet and interested in doing it the fiber choice way, […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on September 5, 2014


1. I know one thing that needs to be said, the vitamin world gift card giveaway winner! Yes, who won? Brittany from freckled nettles, you are the winner! Congrats! Email me your full shipping info! 2.  I have been loving the fact that we have a Tim Hortons 3 minutes away. Their coffee is pretty […]


Diva Approved

by Healthy Diva on September 4, 2014


Always love sharing some things I am giving the “diva approved” seal to! Yeah, you are going to see things that most would cringe over and not call healthy, you will see things that are not food, and you will see things I have spotted and want to try. Remember, my healthy is MY healthy. […]


Enjoying the Last of Summer!

by Healthy Diva on September 4, 2014

- Summer is coming to a close soon, which means less outdoor fitness options for me over here. I love when the weather is nice, I try to get outdoors to be active as much as possible. Wether it be yoga outside, walks with my boys, or just running around outside. I aim for 30 […]


What I Love Wednesday

by Healthy Diva on September 3, 2014


Happy Wednesday, friends! Almost to the weekend already! I am trying to wake up this morning, didn’t get to sleep as early as I wanted to. I had a google hangout with the glow team last night, talking about things we loved about the retreat, things we want to change for next year, and picking […]


My Baby Product Musts for New Moms!

by Healthy Diva on September 2, 2014

PicMonkey Collage

Happy Wednesday! How about going back in time and pretending I am pregnant again?! Well, today I am. I always get questions asking what my favorite baby products were and thought it would be nice to share with new moms/expecting moms who might want to see what I liked. I never got to do any […]

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