Diva Spill Friday


1. So excited for the holiday weekend! Mike is off today, so we are kicking it off with the day together! I think him, Rocco, and I will be getting outside, going to Toys R Us, and just enjoying the day together. We have no big plans for the fourth! I will be stopping by my parents and my best friends house, and I think Mike and I are going to cookout and enjoy a safe night Read More »



- I have been getting outside as much as I can with little man! Summer is so short, I can't believe it's July already! How did that happen?! Definitely taking advantage of the beautiful and not too hot days!   - I have been loving this new cup I got at Walgreens, and drink out of it as much as possible! Cause, glitterrrrrrrrrr and love what it Read More »

{Vlog} My Tips On How To Deal With Negativity


Happy Wednesday! I am so excited to do a vlog style blog post for you guys today! Although, I have to admit I was debating it. I used to hate doing videos, had to do a thousand takes before I would even want to do a 1 minute one on IG, and just didn't feel confident enough. Now, I just kind of think I realized I am who I am, and I am embracing my hot mess. Yeah, I look Read More »

A Chipotle, Cake, and Family Filled Day To Celebrate Rocco!


As promised, I got some birthday party highlights to share with you guys today! Rocco, poor little dude ended up at the doctor yesterday. He has a bad cold and ear infection, yet he was in good spirits! Him and I had a Dunkin Donut date, sprinkle donut for the birthday boy!     Coffee for mom, with two turbo shots after a rough night of Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


Happy Friday! 1. Number one, I am doing the Friday Dance over here! I really do cherish the weekends so much, and so excited to celebrate Rocco's birthday this weekend! I am sad he is growing up so fast; but happy to celebrate with family on Sunday! 2. Rocco's birthday is going to be Team Umi Zoomi style! It was hard to find Team Umi Zoomi stuff, since the show has not Read More »

Cleaning Up is More Fun with Minions!


Who loves the minions  from the movie "Despicable Me?" The Minions were my favorite characters in that movie, and I can't wait until Rocco is a little older, so he can see "Minions" movie that is coming out July 10th to theaters! He actually likes the Minions already! We watched "Despicable Me" a couple times, well had it playing since he is still too little to sit Read More »

What I’m Loving Wednesday


Happy Wednesday! Thanks for all the sweet comments in regards to our date night celebrating our anniversary! Also, the dress is from Forever 21! Some of you asked! I really love it! Since I missed out on "Truth Tuesday" yesterday, I wanted to do some "What I Love Wednesday" today! - This happy little guy! Rocking the new do with a smile yesterday! The pic I shared Read More »

About Our Amazing Weekend…


That I didn't get to share! Little dude got his haircut on Friday, was not too happy about that. But, I am so glad he looks more prim and proper now, and he looks so grown up!   Saturday was DATE NIGHT! I have to put it in all caps, date nights are the best! Plus, I love getting dolled up!   We celebrated our 4 year anniversary at Casbah, one of Read More »