Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on April 18, 2014


  1. I seriously have been effing up my days this week. I thought today was Thursday and yesterday was Friday. But, yay for it being Friday and the fact that Mike has today off! We are taking Rocco to see the easter bunny, hoping he doesn’t cry! 2.  I love bright and fun colors, […]


Much Needed and All That Matters

by Healthy Diva on April 17, 2014

IMG 6088

  Last night I had a girls night with my sisters and mom, was fantastic. Felt good to get all dressed up to go out for a fun night with my family! I mainly live in yoga pants, who feels me? #OOTD Lace blazer, tank, cropped jeans, heels, and curls. We decided to go to […]


What I Ate/Love Wednesday

by Healthy Diva on April 16, 2014

  Thank you all SO SO much for all the beautiful birthday wishes on here, twitter, facebook, and instagram! Meant so much to get wonderful birthday wishes from everyone that sent one. My birthday was fabulous, as good as it could be for a very snowy and cold day in April. Yes, it snowed yesterday, […]


Happy Big 3-2 to Me!

by Healthy Diva on April 15, 2014


  I woke up another year older, wiser, sexier ( haha ) , and fabulous today. 32, I hope I love you as much as I loved 31  One thing is for sure, this was a great way to make me feel good about 32 being amazing…   Mint chocolate chip ice cream with a […]


MIMM #93 Eat, Sleep, and Poop Yoga!

by Healthy Diva on April 14, 2014

  How’s that for a title to start your MONDAY? Haha. Honest is how I roll around here the title speaks the truth about my weekend. Weekends of YTT are basically eat, sleep, and pooping yoga! Friday, Saturday, and Sundays are all yoga training, and no time for much else. I love it, but don’t […]



by Healthy Diva on April 12, 2014


- For a strong , healthy, and happy body. Yoga teacher training has been so damn awesome, and I am getting so much stronger from it. I lost lots of muscle and strength during pregnancy, and after pregnancy it was just hard to build it up again. Getting strong again and feeling awesome.   – […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on April 11, 2014

IMG 5832

  1.  I am looking forward to another weekend of YTT this weekend! One bummer though is that it’s the weekend before my birthday and I would of liked to celebrate doing something with all my family.  But Easter is next weekend, and I will perhaps have a late birthday cake with my sisters and […]


Diva Approved

by Healthy Diva on April 10, 2014


Happy Thursday! Excited to share some diva approved goodies I have enjoyed recently. I used to do these posts weekly, but have found it is better to do them a couple times a month. Here are some things on the diva approved list recently… Diva Approved  Power Blend Omega 3… Love this stuff! I picked […]


{WIAW} Sinful Sweet Potato + More!

by Healthy Diva on April 9, 2014

  I’m joining the party today. I like parties, and I did have some yummy eat highlights to share. Perfect to link up for…  Yesterday started with this bad ass waffle I shared with you guys on yesterdays post.   Pre – yoga I did have a snack of a mini mojo bar and banana. […]


TTMT #15 Baby Comparing Talk

by Healthy Diva on April 8, 2014


  Yup, we are now in a world that compares baby milestones. Weeeeeeeeeee!     Since having Rocco my eyes have opened up to this little thing I have seen on social media. People comparing their babies milestones to others. Someone upset their baby is not crawling at 8 months, when someone else’s baby is […]


Waffles + Cheeks

by Healthy Diva on April 8, 2014


  Happy Tuesday! MIMM was awesome yesterday, as it is every week. Thanks to all who joined in! Yesterday was mostly a day we stayed in, except for some mommy and me yoga in the morning that we went to. Rocco got a little cranky towards the end, but played for the most part while […]


MIMM #92 A Weekend Full Of Gratefulness

by Healthy Diva on April 7, 2014

  Happy Monday! Wishing all of you a wonderful day, and hope the weekend was great to you! It was SO nice to have a free weekend from yoga. I love my YTT, but it is nice when I have the weekend break too. I sure do miss my family on those weekends where I […]


Rocco 9 Months Old

by Healthy Diva on April 5, 2014

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Whoa! Slow down little man! 5,6,7,8….   9 months!   Just 3 months shy of a year  I sometimes can’t believe how fast time goes, and it seems like just yesterday this little guy was still in my belly. I have to say, it is getting harder to take these pics! He wants to move […]


Diva Spill Friday

by Healthy Diva on April 4, 2014

IMG 3339

  1. I think perhaps, I shall pin every single thing they have on lulus. So much cute stuff! 2. I attempted, and did have some success taking Rocco’s 9 month photos yesterday.  I managed to get some cute shots before mini meltdown 90210 happened. Haha, oh that is a framer! ( 9 month post […]


Let Go….

by Healthy Diva on April 3, 2014


  Of the negativity, hate, bullshit, stress, and unhappiness. Quiet your mind from all the noise of things you have to do, what to make for dinner, bills need paid, clothes need washed, or the floors need mopped. STOP. Take 5 minutes today, JUST 5 minutes is all I am asking. Sit in complete silence, […]


Pretty Little Things

by Healthy Diva on April 3, 2014


    – Salute The Sun tank from spiritual gangster, perfect for spring with the pretty coral color. I am obsessed with their apparel line, so much cute stuff. –  Lower right gloss tube,  that is this clarins instant light natural lip perfector gloss. Pretty amazing, love how it makes my lips look shiny and […]


What I Ate/Love Wednesday

by Healthy Diva on April 2, 2014


  Happy Wednesday! I was surprised to see how many people I fooled yesterday with my joke! I am glad I have so much love and support for this blog, so thank you! My blog is not going anywhere  What I Love…. Yesterday Rocco had his 9 month appointment ( will share weight and height […]

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