Diva Spill Friday


**My love and prayers to those in Oregon in regards to the college shooting. So sad another school shooting.**  1.Yesterday was a crazy, busy, and awesome day! I felt so overwhelmed with work, and we had a pretty special day that I will tell you more about next weekend! 2. The Turkey Chili I made from the Fixate cookbook rocked! Mike and I had it for dinner last night, Read More »

Moms, Let’s Support and Not Compare or Judge!


No such thing as perfect parenting, but there is such thing a your OWN perfect parenting. Moms, don't you feel like we need more moms supporting each other? I feel like there are so many moms who judge others for how they parent, or compare milestones, and more. I have been one to have that happen to, as I am sure most of us can say the same. I see it all the time, and Read More »

What I Love Lately


          Planning at least one new meal a week. Well, I am trying to anyways! This week I have turkey chili from the fixate cookbook cooking up today! My son and his feet eating skills, lol! I mean, talk about a little yogi! COFFEE, duh! But, yesterday was National Coffee Day, which is every day over in my Read More »

The Two Kitchen Must Have Cleaner Uppers!


Happy TUESDAY! Happy almost October?! Omg. Fall is here, the kids are back to school, and winter is upon us! I feel like this time of year is the craziest time of year! Or is that just me? But, I do feel like its more of a steady routine as well, since summer is over and the back to school time is always more structured daily. Anthony is back to school, and Rocco Read More »

MIMM #170 A Fabulous And Fun Filled Weekend!


?Happy Monday! Happy Fall All! Officially fall and officially time to get those boots, leggings, and scarves out! I do miss summer, but fall is my favorite season. I love everything about it from pumpkin to boots! This past weekend we had some fall fun with a yearly tradition, and some other fun thrown in there, too! Sharing my weekend highlights with Read More »

Powering Up My Salad Game!

eat smart3

Happy Saturday! Posting on a Saturday? Yup, today I am and I am! Why? Well, since most people tend to meal prep on Sunday, I thought I would share a new salad game that could be added into your meal routine this week, or weeks ahead. Eat Smart is a salad brand that maybe you have heard of, or maybe this will be a new to you brand. I love my salads, and I actually eat a Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


1.After having a week of LOTS o deadlines ( I got myself into a mess with that, all due around same time! ) I am SO excited for the weekend! Weekend, I want to squeeze you! 2. Little packages of love that show up to your door are always fun! Especially when they are pumpkin flavored, yessss! 3. The toasted graham latte is a HUGE yes! Guys, you gotta try it and let me Read More »

#MeatlessMondayChallenge + A Meatless Recipe Win!


I am SO excited to share some meatless love with you guys today! As you may or may not know, I am a HUGE fan of Silk Products. Specifically their almond and new cashew milk, with the cashew milk being an absolute new favorite. You might also know that I don't eat meat too much, only chicken really and I like to do eggs, vegan proteins, and such. I will eat red meat once Read More »

What I Love Wednesday


  Happy WEDNESDAY! Ok, this post maybe should of been called "Pumpkin Love" Wednesday, as you will see why  :mrgreen: Yesterday was just a chill day for little man and I, but he did look too cool for school going to daycare Monday! I had a recipe I had to create for a post tomorrow ( YAY! ) and I did nap yesterday while he napped! Phew, that felt like Read More »